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A resource for all of those in our community. Identify where your nearest trash can is to keep our neighborhood clean. This map is being leveraged by our city representatives to add more trash cans to our neighborhood. Click the link above to see the map.


City & State Engagement

We our constantly working with out city and state representatives to ensure our dog owners have the resources they need in our growing community.

PRP Evening.jpg

Bag Dispenser Maintenance 

We have dog bag dispensers installed all over town that our amazing volunteers keep full year round incase you get in a pinch.

Dog bags_edited.png

Pets & People Foundation

Interested in volunteering with your pup to bring joy to our community. We partner with Pets & People Foundation to assist in training & certifying therapy dogs right here in Charlestown.


B.A.R.K. Ranger Program

Take the pledge to become a BARK Ranger and promote respectful use of our local parks!


Clean Sweeps

Stay tuned for our semi annual clean sweeps. Come grab some cleaning supplies, socialize with your neighbors & pick up trash to keep Charlestown clean!

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